Get Infiniband Mellanox Connect-X2 running

Ahoy friends.
Currently i'm running a setup with 2x Broadcom 5706 cards, 1x Mellanox ConnectX 2 SFP (Ethernet), and Dual Mellanox MHRH2A-XSR Infiniband 40Gb.
The MHRH2A-XSR is the only one which is not being recognized by default. I got one running on my OpenWRT x86 device, and another on my Fedora device.

I've installed the mlx4-core kmod already, but the card is not being detected properly i think.
lspci -nn, first on my Fedora device, second on my OpenWRT device.

In the past i've used the Debian way of adding IPoIB support editing the /etc/modules file.

*# IB drivers*
*#mlx4_ib  # 
*#ib_mthca # some mellanox cards*
*#iw_cxgb3 # Chelsio T3 cards*
*#iw_nes # NetEffect cards*
*# Protocol modules*
*# Common modules*
*# IP over IB*
*# scsi over IB*
*# IB SDP protocol*
lspci -vnn | grep Mellanox
83:00.0 InfiniBand [0c06]: Mellanox Technologies MT25408A0-FCC-GI ConnectX, Dual Port 20Gb/s InfiniBand / 10GigE Adapter IC with PCIe 2.0 x8 5.0GT/s In... (rev b0)
	Subsystem: Mellanox Technologies Device [15b3:0022]

01:00.0 Memory controller [0580]: Mellanox Technologies MT25408 [ConnectX IB Flash Recovery] [15b3:0191] (rev b0)
        Subsystem: Mellanox Technologies MT25408 [ConnectX IB Flash Recovery] [15b3:0191]

Something is different. Is there a way to use the ip_ipoib kmods in OpenWRT as well, and does someone here have experience with running IP over Infiniband properly on OpenWRT?
Am i missing some driver, or why is the lspci -nn output different?

Not specific to OpenWRT, but are you sure the Mellanox card is set to ethernet mode? Otherwise it will not be recognised by your system at all. You can do that with the mellanox tool...