Get dropbear ssh fingerprint

How. do. I. get. the. dropbear sshd fingerprint. in. a. format. I. can. use..

Linux ssh will show sha256 or md5.

dropbearkey will show sha1!!.

Would running the following help to match the dropbear sha1:

ssh -o "FingerprintHash sha1" hostname

@magicK, welcome to the community!

  • Can you explain why sha1, sha256 and md5 are not usable?
  • What format do you want?

I just want to be able to compare them. Don't care which hash is used.

so the ssh -o FingerprintHash sha1... is giving me that crazy ascii string, base64 encoded?

we are getting closer..

Ok I figured something out. Can do this on the Linux side to get traditional SHA1 from the base64 junk... well close enough.

echo "+c3xfQjgzLZb5Gm3eG8XJ57ybOq." | base64 --decode | od --format=x2 --endian=big --width=20

thanks for the help