German Telekom and OpenWrt


I want to get rid of the router from my isp (Speedport from German Telekom). So I bought an o2 HomeBox 6431 and flashed it with OpenWrt. VDSL and the ip connection is working, but I also want to use my telephones (connected via fxs ports) with the router. To achieve this, I installed asterisk. But I have no idea how to configure the asterisk to work with a so-called ALL-IP connection.

Has somebody configured a OpenWrt router to work with an ALL-IP connection?

Start here:
Configuration examples for Deutsche Telekom can be found on this site:

All of these configurations are for NGN (or "all IP") links.

Here is another detailed Asterisk Howto for DTAG:

When you're done, it would be nice If you could post your configuration here or in the wiki. That way other users with the same question can start directly.