German and Russian section in this board?


Is it possible to create a German and Russian section in this board?
The c't often writes about OpenWRT. The c't is German speaking magazine and very popular.

Also a Russian board is on wishlist, because in Russia most people not learn second language.

Is this possible?
Or this already exist in other URI?

Having language specific sections here would scatter discussion too much, and good answers might then be incomprehensible for other users. Better to keep this as an English forum. (And selecting languages for special treatment might be difficult.)

Voisimme tietenkin miettiä myös muiden kielten omia osioita, myös esim. pienemmille kielille. En kuitenkaan usko että se saisi kannatusta kovin paljon.


Google translate:
"Of course, we could also think about our own sections in other languages, also for smaller languages, for example. However, I don’t think it would get much support."
Note, how decent that translation is?

And that is exactly how I solve this issue, if in doubt write in your own language and post both the google translated english version, as well as the original version. In spite of the irony the lingua franca of the internet is english (the irony being that the Franks referenced by the franca lived on the non-engish side of the channel).

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I wonder if google translate could be integrated into the forum board, @tmomas ?

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I agree with hnyman and I fear that language specific subforums will make discussions harder to follow.

  • Russians will talk to each other in their russian subforum; non-russians will certainly not visit this subforum, i.e. a lot of potential responders will not even see a russian posting
  • If no solution in russian subforum is found, users come back to the english section, asking their question again in english, leaving out context in russian
  • non-russian users with the same problem will not find solutions for their problem because the solution is in russian

While there exists a translation plugin for Discourse, it seems to have its downsides:

Known Issues

  • Does not translate text within polls generated by discourse-poll plugin.
  • Images are enlarged upon translating.

We could possibly live with the first issue, but I would consider the second one as "broken" and not desirable for the OpenWrt forum.

@thess What's your opinion on

  • language specific subforums
  • translation plugin?

Actually really good :slight_smile:
(Surprisingly good.)

Without a whole lot of thought... I would not like to see language specific sections for reasons already stated by @hnyman. I for one would not like to be responsible for the moderation of such content and management of the board containing languages I am not fluent in. Additionally, I don't really think the burden a translation plugin is going to present to the forum infrastructure is something we need to pursue and for us to manage.


There are also browser translator plugins; maybe those cold help if the OpenWrt discussion board will not support any translation tools.

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