GEOIP : diverting DNS requests based on location

As per title today i'm using a pihole to handle DNS requests via dns over https protocol. So the OpenWRT router is redirecting all DNS requests to pihole to handle it.

Problem is that due to some restrictions in CHINA if i want to access some chinese websites (mostly movies) i need to use a chinese DNS resolver.

Is it possible via GEOIP to handle this? If the client is requesting a DNS for a website inside china to handle directly a chinese DNS, otherwise go to the PIHOLE. Or perhaps i can do it directly in PIHOLE somehow?

Can't you just redirect all ".cn" sites to one DNS and the rest to the other? Seems far easier.

For GEOIP to work, you need an IP, and for an IP, you need DNS :smiley:

So @eduperez's solution seems to be the best way forward :slight_smile:

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