Geo filtering via IP-set extra's


on V23.05.2 these script all seem to work fine
on the upgrade to V23.05.3 they fail to start
I think I have pined it down to
"/etc/hotplug.d/online/70-ipset-setup" not running at startup
as "online" is not shown on the hotplug page
was it remove or should it work and there is a fault ?
maybe the script just needs updating ?

I seem to recall that if one script fails all scripts with higher numbers are not executed, so the issue might be that in your configuration either the ipset script or one with a number < 70 failed... (I saw this issue with one of the NTP scripts for one of the NTP packages, but never got to the bottom of the exact root cause...)

I did copy the file into another folder say from online to a folder that I read as "interface up"
maybe ifup or simile
and is seemed to work I'm just not confident as to how is should be
but I can get it to work even just putting in the start-up "/etc/rc.local"
just really want to bring attention to it for others sake

oh it was the lone file in the online folder