Genexis G2420 (G2000 series) fiber ONT


Genexis is shipping their G2000 series fibre ONTs with Openwrt, but they are not providing GPL source code for it.

Ralf has hacked a G2420, see here:
More insights:

Some devices also have a CableTV-Output that can be remotely enabled by your ISP. CATV uses RX @1550nm.

The SoC is a Lantiq PXB 4369 EL V2.1 (GRX300), which is a Gigabit Ethernet Router/Gateway SoC with int. 2×2 WiFi. There aren’t any antennas, though, and it seems you can’t add any either. The device is from the GRX 300 series, which is a “CPE Network Processor with integrated WiFi.”

I'm not familar with the license. Would anyone from the team request the source from the manufacturer?
It would be nice, if this device could get official openwrt support.

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The catch is, usually the ISP provides a demarcation point. In FCC land (the US) - this is important, as the user is allowed to Bring Their Own Equipment to connect that point.

Guess what equipment is used as the demarcation? :wink:

They also tend to use proprietary SFPs that do: TX, RX and different wavelengths (for phone, TV, Internet) on the same single strand of fiber.

I don't believe this would exempt them from the GPL - but it's a similar thing to altering a cable modem's firmware and settings (i.e. the same can lead to a theft of service).

A couple of comments:

  • Yes, Genexis may not want to provide the source code for their ONT devices in order to protect certain media content. That may well qualify as a "legitimate interest," but the obligation to "open source" their OS is on a completely different field and would be stronger, IMHO. If they don't want to open source it, then they should have taken something else. I think in essence you're saying the same?
  • It would be interesting to see how Genexis responded to a GPL open source request... :wink:
  • In Germany we have a similar obligation to allow "BYOD." Here it is the "HÜP" ("Hausübergabepunkt", i.e. the house hand-over point, the passive point where the fiber ends in your house in a fiber cable socket). So you could simply put the FiberTwist ONT away in a drawer and use a FRITZ!Box Fiber instead. The ISP cannot deny this.
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