Generic UniFi TFTP documentation

I just had a very hard time figuring out how to TFTP put an image onto a UniFi AP.

I found most documentation vague or incomplete.

I would like to write a page incorporating my experience as well as the contents of

Since my real problem was finding the IP address the AP is listening on, I want to explain how I finally managed to get it (using tcpdump and a bash loop with tftp calls).

Is there already a good place for me to put that information?

The openwrt wiki?

Of course the OpenWRT-Wiki is the right place.

That's like "just put it into storage". I was expecting something like "small nails you say. Put it in the storage in Row 7, Shelf 3.5, there is quite an ammount of small nails already." :slight_smile:

So is there any page in the Wiki that can be extended with this information? Are there pages that should definitely get links to this new page? Is there a naming scheme so that the page should be called "recover UniFi devices using TFTP" and nothing else?

I am visiting the Wiki for no long time, so I just don't know.

@tmomas any hint?

I suggest to start in the inbox.

When the page is finished, we can move it as appropriate.