Generic Questions about compile from source 17.01.2


so i have copied the in the lede-source. Few Hours compiled, flashed and booom the usb-port has power. Cool but now i have the problem that i don't know how can i exactly replica the stable make config for an specific target and model.

Can i see somewhere which make-config the target and models have? Some list or an download link with correct model or an automatic list for that specific target/model?

I want to duplicate the excatly make-config from the Stable Release ar71xx/wnr2200.

At the moment i have the problem that some leds don't functioned and i dont know if the source from openwrt is the problem or missing kernel moduls?


There suppose to be a config.seed in the target directory that contains diff from default configs:

This can be reused to buil and obtain the same results.

Hi DjiPi,

thanx for your answer. Thx for that tip but how can i obtain a config.seed or diff-config from an normal stable build, this config.seed are the from my own buld-config, or???


I invite you to take a look at these threads:

In your own target build, yes this is from your own build-config. Roughly put, the way I see it is that it captures all the changes that occurred from the make menuconfig up to make. It's the make command that generates this config.seed file.

AFAIK if you delete your .config file, issue make menuconfig and only select the target and exit, you'll end up with the same config/settings used by the buildbot.

thx now i have it. I was wondered about the 256 MB root partition in the normal .config from a fresh make menuconfig. I think this is the max value where the compiler from source and image-builder don't create images and only compile sources. My wdr2200 only have 8 Mb flash. But important is the kernel config for my architecture, i know :).

Thx great Links. Now after recompile i know the complete source-file from the modem is functioned mach-wnr2200.c but complely hacked from the openwrt-community and the usb-port functioned but the other gpio-led-requests are not functioned. All patches from the openwrt-community are taken about a few patch process that never be used in the lede-source.

And now i must bugfix the mach-wnr2200.c with few suggestions from the openwrt-com and even test needs a recompile from this driver why its a internal kernel-module.

Now i know that my problem is not a missing package from the original buildbot-process:).

No good news for me:). I download LEDE for my old wnr2200 and for extroot i must bugfixing an kernel-driver and recompile a few hours:). Smile.

I think i will use

thx for the links, there are very useful when i have resolved the usb power bug with the community:).

Some quick workflow advise for a beginner, use git source.

git checkout -b wndr2200 v17.01.2
git grep ATH79_MACH_WND2200
to find the "right" places to change

Please also check


yeah i have seen iam an idiot i have cloned with git the master branch with the bugfix for my problem. The Stable 17.01.2 release are so old and many bugfixes are not include.

HeyJeiJei :slight_smile: i have cloned the master and overwritten an old patch from openwrt i had only make an build with the latest source.

But now i'm going to build the newest image from source but my problem are not fully resolved:

How know the buildbot which packages must be in the offical delivered stable and snapshot releases?

I took your word Blueprint :slight_smile: and ask: Where give it an excat Blueprint for


make defconfig changes nothing in the package-section as an example:

every config don't include the luci packages as an example

the packages from the stable and snapshot image binary releases

I changed my last post, due some misunderstanding.

The LEDE devs changed a lot in there build system, so you can't blindly copy files from OpenWRT to LEDE and hope this will work.

please check
I think these devices are similar.