Generic hardware builds

Is there a corner of OpenWRT geared towards recommended hardware builds? The use-case here is people who are willing to have a go at assembling a device from off-the-shelf components but don't necessarily have the expertise to select those components. I realise this may lie outside OpenWRTs remit but the hardware tables on this site are an excellent starting-point. Individuals can ask for advice on their specific requirements in these forums but - I think - a small ( < 10 ) set of generic builds covering a selection of profiles ( "super low power", "Ethernet only", "gaming", etc. ) would be really useful. The deliverables would be a list of all the recommended components (part numbers) required to assemble a device that OpenWRT can then be installed on - ideally with a page of assembly instructions.
I understand the importance of OpenWRT and that it's inextricably linked to the hardware it runs on - unfortunately in many cases this is sub-standard brand-name devices. Lowering the entry-barrier to build-it-yourself routers would allow more people to reinforce their household's first line of defense to the internet.
Is there such documentation on OpenWRT's website? If so I apologise for not finding it.