Generating an image which is compatible with package sources (i.e. a release build)

Hi all,

I did a git checkout of the 17.01 branch, build and updated my router.
Luci was lost, so I edited /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf to uncoment the commented lines, and installer luci; all good.

But when I tried to install a kernel module, it complained about a dependency on the exact kernel version....

How do I (can I?) build the exact lede version (e.g. 17.01.3) which will include the correct /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf and then work with the published kernel packages?


Use the config.seed files from the release download directories and build with all packages from all feeds installed (./scripts/feeds update -a; ./scripts/feeds install -a).

It is important that the kernel gets built with all kmods enabled to achieve the same version magic.

Hi Jow,

So, to check I understand correctly; to build the exact v17.01.3 for my bthhv5a;

Clone from github

git checkout tags/v17.01.3
git checkout -b btsimonh-expermiental
./scripts/feeds update -a; ./scripts/feeds install -a

rename to .config and place in the root.

mv .config config.old
mv config.seed .config
make menuconfig

check that all kernel modules are enabled (kmod-fs-afs is not enabled - should I enable it? or is it just that the SAME kernel modules must be built as the config.seed?).


Will this cause distfeeds.conf to reference
(building now, I guess I'll know in an hour of so :slight_smile: ).
If I checkout the head of the 17.01 branch, will it still produce the same kernel magic, and reference the releases/17.01.3 packages?

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Edit: make failed in a strange way, so did 'make dirclean' as I had an existing build of head in the folder; rebuilding now.
Edit2: For anyone finding this and using it as a reference: - the build succeeded, no need to enable the one unchecked kmod. The distfeeds.conf references the, and a kernel module from there installed without dependency issues.

No, that will just reference the 17.01 branch HEAD and kernel magic will be different.

How I can compile kmod-* with the same version magic?