General questions on MESH

  1. If wifi ap is dual band. which band is better used for backhaul? The 5ghz right?
  2. In setting up the 2.4ghz ap for clients should i still use different channel for each ap (to avoid interference)?
  3. If i use the 5ghz as backhaul can i still setup an ap SSID for it to serve clients?
    *monitoring public clients the ratio is 6:1 (6 clients on 2.4ghz to just 1 client on the 5ghz)
  4. What size band do i use on the 5ghz backhaul? 20mhz? 40mhz or 80mhz?
  5. How many hops is a good for a mesh network?
  6. How if i setup 3 meshed ap in straight line with ap #2 in the middle but ap #1 and ap #3 can still see each other (both can see each others mac add) will the traffic still pass through ap#2?

The least congested (that's usually 5.4 GHz).

You can only have one channel per band operating at once, unless you're referring to separate devices (which you would separate to reduce congestion anyway) or multiple cards on the same band - I'm not sure what you mean.

If the chip allows. You can check:

iw phy0 info | grep 'valid interface combinations:' -A 2

(It may be phy1)

The same as you need on the client SSID. This question implies you are not clear regarding channel width's affects on WiFi bandwidth. I advise you research this more.

The minimum hops to reach the destination node.

This isn't a true mesh; but yes, if setup the rotuers/APs properly - they will route.