(General Question) How to access any modem Console

How to display modem display, it was easy for openwrt X86_64,

The problem is i want to enable telnet on huawei Hg630v2 in order to do this i must access the modem display and input so is there a cable for this or any method

No, there is no such a thing.

Basically, you'd have to inspect the PCB to see, if UART is available somewhere and if it is, find out which pin or pad is VCC, which one is GND and which ones are RX and TX. Then you'd solder wires or pins or apply pogopins or similar to them.

Alas, not every manufacturer even brings out UART anywhere on the PCB and on those devices you'd have to use JTAG, which is an entirely different beast.

If you're lucky and find an accessible UART and can figure out the pinout, you'd still have to figure out the baudrate and such. Alas, some manufacturers disable UART-input, so in those cases you'd have to instead grab the flash-media and modify the bootloader and/or OS to enable UART-input.

Besides all the above, are you even sure the firmware has telnet-functionality? Not all manufacturers ship any telnet-binaries at all in the non-development firmwares, in which case you'd have to figure out how to cross-compile such binaries yourself or find compatible ones somewhere else.


Someone asked huawei about enabling telnet, they told him you must access olt directly
So what is olt exactly

No idea. It's some Huawei-specific terminology, I suppose.