General question for building DVB (v4l) drivers / modules


I've compiled my openwrt images successfull with all default feeds.


Now i want to compile an image for using my Xbox Media DVB-C/T Tuner (USB) and / Tvheadend.

I've got the infos about for this here:

( )

Components Used

The following components are used on the device

    USB interface: DiBcom DiB7000
    Demodulator: Panasonic MN88472
    Tuner: TDA 18250B

Now I want to build the modules: I've found this repo here, but it didn't work ( )

I know its 2 years old, but I've tried with different openwrt Versions 19.x 20.x etc.

Is there a way to get this work? or is there an other repo / feed for this?

Thanks in advance for your hints :slight_smile:

Hello, you have successfully installed Xbox DVB tuner on openwrt???
I tried to compile the kernel from #multimedia (M95D) but without success, missing dib0700 or not find .Any idea or help is welcome.
Thank you!!!

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