General Disassembly Help, fastener I'm unfamiliar with, just break off or?

Hey all, I'm trying to disassemble a Netgear EX6200v2.

I'm trying to get a serial console working but unfortunately my keyboard presses aren't going through, I got a suggestion that there might be some components the PCB that may need to be added or removed but I can't get this stupid plastic cover off to take a closer look!

There are 4 of these spring loaded plastic pins. Looking at the side view, it seems that squeezing the sides of the bottom side of the pin would be the way to go but a) they're really tough to squeeze and b) still seems like it'd be too wide to fit through the holes on the PCB.

Anyone familiar with this type of fastener, how to remove them, or what they're called in case I need to order a new set when I inevitably just cut the damn things off (:crazy_face:

yep they push pins. I suggest a small pair of pliers to squeeze them tight then tug them back through the board. once you have the tangs inside the board you can lightly tap the nub bit through if pulling is hard.

Try to be careful with the pliers. insulate them with tape if you don't think you can avoid hitting contact points with them. Also... do not do it with it plugged in :slight_smile:


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