Gcc package is missing for mipsel_24kc arch in dev snapshot downloads


gcc dev snapshot package for mipsel_24kc arch seems to be no longer available for download at http://downloads.lede-project.org/snapshots/packages/mipsel_24kc/packages/.

However, it's available for release 17.01.4 though: http://downloads.lede-project.org/releases/17.01.4/packages/mipsel_24kc/packages/
and also for other architectures like mips64 and arm5.

The guys in Onion Omega2+ (cool&cheap dev little board hein?:wink: ) need this to build stuff on the board itself. Otherwise they are stuck to cross-compilation which is fine but a pain for simple and quick c little programs.

I guess they could use the 17.01.4 release packages but the default distfeeds.conf points towards the dev snapshots packages download url

What happened? Is the gcc build failing for mipsel_24kc ? O_o



Snapshots are [re]built daily. You should use 17.01.4 for production equipment.

Why do you insist on using SNAPSHOT...can't you just use the 17.01.4 SDK or edit the feeds file?

This appears to be from a commercial development organization for a product that runs LEDE/OpenWRT.

I've got to admit this smells like an advertisement

(either that, or its a product with a pretty amateur development "team" behind it)

What development organization that needs GCC on the target to "build stuff on the board itself" wouldn't be using the full build environment anyways and be able to (a) build the package themselves, and (b) know enough about building software on Linux to at least post the build log section relative to the failure.

I personally doubt they, themselves, are building anything on a single-core, 580 MHz MIPS machine with 128 MB of RAM. More that they want to package GCC on their commercial product without actually having to run a build themselves.

It is likely related to compilation toolchain in master moving to use GCC 7.3. Apparently the target package gcc is not yet compatible with that.

There is a pull request that will probably fix that:

There are lots of packages missing for mipsel_24kc. I'm even unable to install luci on my mt7621 router with the error "Unknown package 'luci'.