[GCC 7.2 BUILD] Optimized TP-Link Archer C7 V2 AC1750 LEDE Firmware


I'm still unsure which build I'm even running lol (been over a year I'm sure since I last updated)
I wish the date was timestamped in the builds. (uname)


I tried my Archer C7 in bridge mode, but it did not work, now the router connects, but I do not have access to it anymore, I do not have an ipv4 address on the LAN port, an IPv6 address appears to be on the router, but when I type in browser does not open the LUCI.

how can I do to reset the modem? I tried the reset button but I was not lucky. thanks any help


cat /etc/os-release


Have you tried ssh?


Can you ssh into it?


I am not having any access to LAN ports via IPv4, I suspect that IPV6 is working, because when viewing DHCP only an IPV6 address appears.

but, I do not know how to access via browser, because to fifita the IPV6 address in safari, I'm directed to google search


try this video..but make sure you download the appropriate firmware for your device, for example if you have c7 v2 download that firmware..


I have the same question. @root is this still developed?



I found @r00t repository on Github and then this thread. It is very impressive the improvements described. However as some features are normally not part of snapshot OpenWrt and don't need to be like VPN, DNSCrypt or LuCI SSL.

So my question is: what would take to include other features that would certainly benefit anyone using OpenWrt vanilla such as:

  • QoS with SQM
  • Qualcomm FastPath
  • Patches to maximize performance