Gargoyle back to OpenWrt

Hey guys!

I have Gargoyle to to install OpenWrt i must use factory.bin?

Many thanks!
Happy Holidays!

This is one of the few cases where using sysupgrade -n /tmp/<image-name.bin> with the sysupgrade image should work, just make sure not to retain settings (-n).

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If i need additional package which one i should choose?

Many Thanks!

Which ones do you need?

Hey! Adblock, quota, dlna

Last time i used OpenWrt they arent on default repo. Maybe my question sounds dumb. lol :sweat_smile:

Install the release build then connect the router to the Internet then use the System-Software page or the CLI opkg to install packages. It will download them from the right place.

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OMG im testing on backup router!

The guys were busy these years!

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