Fwknop Open WRT

hello, please tell me the configuration for using fwknop, after installation I don’t quite understand how to configure the service via the web interface, I need at least an example of live use

Fwknop has not been updated to fw4/ nftables yet, making it a suboptimal choice at best.

In almost all cases, it would be more sensible to set up a wireguard VPN instead - which won't answer and reveal itself unless you have the correct access credentials, making it behave 'like' fwknop, just adding actual encryption and security on top.

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but I use open vrt 07/19/10 and I know a little, there is no nft table there, therefore, as far as I know there is iptables, is it really impossible to implement this?

19.07 has been EOL and unsupported for a while now. Given that you're asking about fwknop, it sounds like you probably are looking for some added security. So, it's odd that you would be running an old version that has many known security vulnerbilities. You should upgrade to something current (22.03 or 23.05) before moving any further since the version you're running is both unsupported and subject to vulnerabilities.

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I understand, thank you very much friend:)

I understand, thank you very much friend:) Thank

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