Fw4 - how to create a identic rule for PPTP ? (nathelper)

i was changed to fw4 (openwrt 22.03.03) DSA aetc ...
i have the problem, that i can't get the same rule like on fw3 ?
any ideas ?
currently still using this line in rc.local on boot up

for PPTP connections (still not solved via fw4 - using old method

iptables -t raw -A OUTPUT -p tcp -m tcp --dport 1723 -j CT --helper pptp

any ideas how i can make this with nftables ? or how i can create AN IDENTICAL RULE like that ?
i played with the helper, and having the extension installed


but still can't get it working. still iahve to use the line above, which is NOT NICE or .. "NOT CLEAN"

any ideas ?


so, as far as i understand, that is a bug, right ?
and there is still a request to be fixed, but still not in implemented, right ?
and as a workaround, i can add manually ? .. sorry, did not fully understand ...

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as i found on other topic ...
if you need that rule in fw4 format ...
then add to file: /etc/nftables.d/10-custom-filter-chains.nft

#PPTP helper
chain user_pre_output {
type filter hook output priority -1; policy accept;
tcp dport 1723 ct helper set "pptp"