Fw3 flow offloading configuration fails if xt_FLOWOFFLOAD support is built-in

Hi, guys! For some reason, fw3 is checking if there's an xt_FLOWOFFLOAD module loaded, before trying to generate the flow offloading rules, which doesn't make any sense if there are no modules (i. e., if xt_FLOWOFFLOAD support is built-in).
Strangely enough, the check_kmod function in defaults.c is only used to check for this specific module, which makes the whole rationale even more iffy. How about just checking if /proc/net/ip_tables_targets contains the FLOWOFFLOAD target? That seems more robust to me (even though I'd personally just remove the check).

Friendly ping. @jow? This verification was introduced in this commit, and further simplified in this one, but the issue remains.

If you can provide a suitable patch for this I'll merge it.

Thanks for the quick reply! Sure, I can whip up a patch for it (not at the moment, though, I'm at work), I'm just not sure how to test it, I'm not familiar at all with the OpenWrt development workflow. I'll try to find information about it in the wiki.