FW rule issue with v19.07.0 RC1


I am using v19.07.0 RC1 on a Netgear R6220, and have the following FW rule setup issue.

I have an IPV4 subnet for kids devices.
I want to set time allowances and block for the subnet.
I already achieved this on my previous OpenWRT router running V18.

However with v19, it look like time based rules are just ignored. They are configured and active but are not visible in the Status->Firewall rules and do not work at all.

The permanent rules set for this subnet are in the Firewall status page, and do work as expected.

Is there something specific to take into account for FW timebased rules?


To make things clearer here :
This is the rule set :

This is what shows up in status-firewall :

Some rules are missing. All the rules that have time/day constraints.

This setup did work in v18.

Am I missing some obvious setting that I applied in V18, and since forgot?

I believe you can create a Reject traffic rule based on source IP address, then edit it and select "Time Restrictions" to achieve what you want.

Yes the time restriction for the rule is my issue.It does not work.

Ok ,

Just did some more testing. The day of the week filter creates the bug.

If I set the day to "any" then the time rules do apply. As soon as I put a day of week filter, the rule disappears from the rule set and never gets applied.

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#/bin/fw3 > "must not be a list"
###########  workaround ############
#-remove list weekdays 'Day' x NUM and add....;
option weekdays 'Mon Tue'

or report a bug ...
( exists on master so you can probably skip the rc2 test )


This workaround fixes the issue.
And it affects RC2 the same.

Looking in the bug system I found this :

and commented, since it looked the same issue. Is this proper way of doing or should I just report a new one?

can't help you there... issue I reported was deleted without notice nor note...

no idea how they do things...

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