Future-proofing: hex 750gr3 vs Pentium PC

i've been scheduled for fiber, so it's time to upgrade the gateway.
i don't have much requirements and probably won't have in the future too.
let's say that 1/1gbit will be soon normal fiber speed (for now , max here is 500/250mbit, with some locations getting 1000/500 possible upgrade). i believe that in a few years the ISP will just offer 1gbit to everyone, like they now offer max vdsl speed the line supports.
so , is a mikrotik 750gr3 (openwrt installed) good enough for future use (for 1/1gbit connection), or should i install openwrt x64 , i have a spare intel board with J3710 pentium cpu. power consumption is about 7W, which is lower than our dsl gateway.
our internet requirements are quite basic, so being it 300,500 or more mbits i probably won't care, but i now have both spare time and spare pc, so it's the ideal time to experiment.

I'd say start experimenting with the Intel board as the mikrotik won't handle more than 3-400 maps with QoS (sqm) and that's recommended for asymmetric lines

i dont' use SQM now, won't need it on fiber either.
the only bandwidth-hungry thing are torrents - and i limit that in the utorrent app itself.

mobile devices are kept on wifi, so no matter the bandwidth requirements, they can't go beyond 100mbit anyway since i limit the wifi network to a single 20mhz channel.

we've been on 2 x 50/50mbit networks (i mean, we still are) and it's plenty for our entire family and friends that are connected to it (in wintertime about 10-12 people, in summer about 40-50, with a 3rd backup 50mbit line operating during summer).
so i don't think there's even a minimum possibility to saturate a 500mbit line, let alone gigabit.

having described that - would 750gr3 endure routing 500/500 or faster?
i don't know what could saturate such a connection :stuck_out_tongue:

i'm a bit lazy to power-up a pc to be used as gateway, there're multiple bad scenarios what could fail (fans, psu, flash drive...) vs a normal router which you just reboot from time to time if it freezes.

Well if you're lazy just try it on the 750gr3. If you find there's not enough juice just switch to intel pc :slight_smile:

Hello i sugger linksys e8450 very good new router