Future of DSA port mirroring

Do anyone know if port mirroring will be implemented in 21.02 Luci for the DSA switch like the old 19.07 switch page that had port mirroring settings.

Are these settings (the script) in the linked post run in memory or written to config files?
How do I stop the port mirroring when using this function?


some hardware may still not work...
I am testing mvebu espressobin board with Topaz switch :

The Marvell® Link Street®-88E6341 device look like to still have problem with the script from [Solved] MT7530 DSA Port-mirroring - #4 by mpa

I get some success with IP... Mini tutorial for DSA network config - #64 by erdoukki

another (old) method get me some success : Passive TAP / HUB and Ethernet Bridge - #33 by erdoukki

It is a runtime script, a reboot revert to "normal"...

you can delete the filter :

tc qdisc del dev ${sniffPort} clsact

just replace ${sniffPort} to the source port you have add qdisc

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