Fullquotes, Reply buttons, in-reply-to markings

Testing again. :slight_smile:
I changed a setting in the forum software. Now you get the in-reply-to even when replying directly with not other postings inbetween.


Interesting, did you change a setting???

Edit: Looks like you did.

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Reply via Blue reply button.

Blue Reply Test

(edit: Wasn't sure if you were asking me to test or if that was you testing)

Let's say: Both :slight_smile:

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It's definitely better/clearer now... Although unless someone is intimately familiar with the specific behaviors of this forum software, the lack of linking using "blue" is not ideal

I've seen very few forum implementations with decent thread tracking. DPReview's forums are one of the few examples. (honestly one of the few things they do well, other aspects of their forum software inherently lead to fragmentation and disorganization...)

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I'm not so sure about that. Adds too much distracting "weight" on the right side.
Previously, the in-reply-to marking was added only when needed.

Lets keep it this way for some time and hear the echo of the forum.

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echo, always seemed intuitive to me that contiguous posts were, well, a contiguous conversation. ce la vie

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AFAICT - it appears that the space where the "link" appears is empty under all other circumstances?

C'est la vie.

Now with in-reply-to marking also for postings containing just a quote (i.e. replied not via any reply button). Just to make the behaviour consistent.

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So what I personally like most is to quote the relevant part of what I am replying to, as that removes most of the ambiguity and adds enough context to make the post somewhat readable even without jumping back to the post replied to.


Thanks for the time in sorting out the inconsistencies!