Full hostapd features integration

Hi, I'm using snapshot versions for latest features but it seems even there hostapd doesn't have all the features available out-of-the-box as I can also see in hostapd.sh, there are no related lines for such features like no_probe_resp_if_seen_on (not particularly) and many others.

Why the OpenWrt community doesn't include hostapd-ct variant and/or other variants (if there's any) to have fully featured hostapd package?

I believe hostapd does support that. What you're talking about is the helper/wrapper which turns the /etc/config/wireless syntax into a hostapd .conf file, which does not support all features.
If you manually populate the .conf it is likely to work.

I'm sure if you patched hostapd.sh to support any new commands they would be welcomed by the mailing list.

I manually did edit the hostapd.sh file for some features that worked (kind of) some gave initial run errors stating not supported command etc. But I think the issue is much bigger like this command ap_sta_reset_steer_flag_timer from here https://github.com/sensepost/wpa_sycophant/blob/master/src/ap/wnm_ap.c, is not in snapshot releases, other C files like ubus.c is not up-to-date either in OpenWrt GitHub.

Or Am I missing something here?

How are you trying to use that command? It's an internal function. It doesn't look like you're supposed to be able to call that from the command line at all.
Looking at that particular function, looks like you need CONFIG_WNM set.

So unless you're using hostapd-full, yes it looks like you won't get that.

ubus again doesn't support every command. If you wanted to support one, patch it and submit it.

By the way, that wpa_sycophant repo looks like it is intended for nothing good. You won't garner much help from this forum if your intent isn't genuine.

Yes I have hostapd-full (wpad) already, will check the link tomorrow. So you are saying everything is updated for hostapd and there's no need to use hostapd-ct variant?