Full firmware dump for WN572HG3 AC1200

Hello experts I have outdoor router WN572HG3
The bios of this router was corrupted ,I tried some but didnt successfully flashed till now..so can anybody give me proper firmware version of following model ,if its a WRT version than its better,I want modified firmware .so please try to provide me .
Please note I don't want upgrade file I want full firmware dump so I can flash through programmer its a 8 MB file I think so please help me guys..

I'm also attaching picture

Thanks in advance..

Want fries with that ?

If the serial still works, then ....

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My router is not working so its very hard for me this process i can simply open the chip and programe through programmer so please provide me full flash file for my new 8mb chip

Hi, do you still need this? I can probably pull a full dump as I'm working on the device at the moment.