Full dump para wr940n v6

I need a full dump for my wr940n router it will damage the u-boot and it will not turn on any led but it remains opting ip and I tried to flash TFTP and it does not respond that I should buy an aduino one r3 or ch340 programmer

Your WR940N is a difficult router to support as the manufacturer chose not to provide sufficient flash and RAM for stable operation.

Purchasing a router with at least 16 MB of flash and at least 128 MB of RAM can be done for US$20 or less. While a little more expensive than a flash programmer and comparable to an Arduino in price, the results will be much better in the long run.

If you decide to stay with the WR940N and can obtain a bootloader image, you may still have destroyed the wireless calibration data. Using cal data from another WR940N may result in poor wireless performance that cannot be remedied. I prefer a dedicated flash programmer over an Arduino-based approach.

but if it has an arrangement and it is better to buy the arduino I have an aduino and I need a full dump or just the u-boot

Without knowing exactly what was done to your device to make it inoperable and what is enabled in the device's bootloader, it can't be determined if less than a full image will resolve your problem.

where I get a complete picture

From another WR940Nv6 (which I would not recommend buying again) or from someone who has one.

I have another same model that mestaro me and how I took the image