Full dump of TP Link Archer C5 v4 needed

Hi All,

Can someone please give me full dump of Tp Link Archer C5 V4 router. I want to flash it using SPI programmer. I unknowingly breaked my router. Tried both TFTP and Serial method, none of them working. So last option is to flash chip using SPI programmer. Please help me.

Here is dump of Archer C5V4. Don't forget to backup content of your flash to recover your eeprom data.

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I flashed your dump file, but still boot loop. what to do ?

Thanks my friend..I flashed your dump using Neo Programer. it saved my router and it working fine now..thanks very much my friend.. Is there anyway we can change language to english. seems your dump is russian.. I tried TFTP and serial method..both are not working

Yes, it's RU version.
I've added both RU and EU (untested!!) versions into the same archive.
Test EU version, pls.

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Thanks very much bro..I flashed the EU Dump which you provided me..Its working fine. English language. I just tried to flash openwrt using serial method, it is not working. putty is not showing anything. Is serial method is disabled in the bootloader of the dump files which you attached ?

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