Full dump of TL-WR840N Ver 6.2 (EU) needed

Hi Everyone,

Can someone please give me full dump of TL-WR840N Ver 6.2 (EU) router . I want to flash it using SPI programmer. I unknowingly breaked my router while flash size upgrade (4mb to 8mb). Tried both TFTP and Serial method, none of them working. So last option is to flash chip using SPI programmer. I need full dump file based Stock or Openwrt. Let me alive my router again.
Please help me.

Even if you didn't back it up beforehand (why?!), everything should still be safe and sound on the old 4 MB flash chip, waiting for you to read it out now.

The wifi calibration data is unique to your device, it can't be recovered - if you don't manage to get a backup from your device, it's gone and out of spec. Likewise MAC addresses and several other unique values are stored in uboot(env).

Here I upload tplink 8mb stock rom dump file. it is backed up with SPI programmer.
can you help me to split the art/bootloader partition?

first 128 KB for bootloader+bootloader_environment, last 64 KB for ART - everything else is down to your tools.