Full dump of Newifi D2 internal flash

Hi there!
Unfortunatelly, my Newifi D2 was bricked about a week ago when I sysupgraded it (I'm pretty unsure how's that possible at all, since it don't even load breed now.
I still hope it is some issues with internal flash, and already ordered ch341a spi-programmer on Aliexpress.
But I still have no original dump to try to reflash it.
Is it a chance anyone who have D2 and dumped it's memory are here and can share it with me, please?

Edit & use your MAC address

Only firmware

often we can repair the firmware using putty with a USB serial port adapter if boot is good

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thanks a lot!

putty with a USB serial port adapter

Can you elaborate on this a bit, please?

// Actually, I'm on Linux, so I'm pretty sure no need for exactly the Putty (although, it is still available here), and I have a bunch different USB-to-serial adapters, so I'm quite interested about how to do this with just USB-serial things and not using, say, flashrom, for example.

btw, I'm confused with filenames (mtd3 and mtd4).
Did you just dd'ed them from running system?
Thanks anyway, but I'm afraid it will possible be not enough for flashing it directly through SPI :cry:

The firmware is mtd4.bin

I have more than ten boxes with OpenWrt

1 - Disassemble (the screws are under the rubber feet)
2 - You must cable the serial port which is in TTL
Locate the 4 holes on the printed circuit in the middle of the printed circuit
It will therefore be GND TX-> to RX from the USB adapter / Serial RX-> to TX from the adapter pin 4 is for + not used. GND being closest to memory
3 - Putty -> 115000 bauds
4 - Interrupt the boot when switching on (we have 4 seconds by typing anything)
We have breed>
Explorer: IP address of the boot breed is
5 - It's in Chinese but
Left 2 nd box
Then on the right second line and choose the firmware
Bottom box to run
Again bottom box in the new page
We will see the progression
The restart is done automatically

The default setting 0x50000 is the correct one

There is a breed bootloader translator that exists for chrome


This only works if the boot has not been destroyed

well, unfortunatelly, it is not the case.
Somehow it is totally bricked:

  • Nothing on UART/TTL on boot,
  • Breed doesn't start (well, it is obvous in context of previous thing)
  • Even front panel leds doesn't react in any way

Looks like the only thing is working is switch: PC's NIC detects link presence depending on router's power-on state, and LEDs on LAN/WAN blink on inbound network activity).
But other than that it is totally dead (or just somehow Breed is disappeared, but I'm unsure how's that can be possible after sysupgrade'ing from OWRT)...

If bootloader is killed solution is to reflash the firmware with the CH341

full flash is mtd3.bin