Full download of documentation (.pdf/.html) for offline usage

Title says it all. Please add option for offline download off documentation. Nothing is more useful when trying to set up OpenWrt.

Have you tried print the page you are interested in as pdf to begin with?

Or save as offline web pages?

... seriously, that must be a joke, how should I know beforehand which pages I need for troubleshooting? Just make a pdf out of all documentation pages and announce it BIG on the welcome page.

You do realize that the wiki isn't a book, with a linear structure, table of contents and optimized for a print (PDF) layout? Many resources (table of hardware for example) don't lend itself to be transformed into a print design at all, so you'd need to curate, sort and choose - do you volunteer?

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There are some guides like this but they tend to be for specific devices.

Such as this one for the BT Hub 5


Some of it could potentially be used as a "generic" guide but you would have to understand the differences between your router and this guide.

Nope, sorry didn’t joke.

We don’t really have that many real troubleshooting pages anyway, the only ones I know of is one named “how to unbrick” and some general “reset techniques” or something like that.
We mostly have “how to do” pages sorted by system maybe with some error hints at the bottom of some pages.
But most users end up here in the forum for consultation to manage heavier troubleshooting anyway.

You probably know what system you are supposed to work on before working on it?

Another much easier way of doing this without printing the whole of internet is to have an alternative internet connection (4G or another router or equivalent) and use the online information you need when you need it.

As @slh and @flygarn12 have already said, there is no simple means of creating a pdf with all of the documentation.

This topic has come up before... the best ideas to be floated thus far would be a download package that would simply be a local copy of the wiki and would be used within a browser. Even that could be tricky, though.