Full Binary Bios File?! :( where? (CPE 510)

Hi !! , after a storm the bios of my CPE 510 broke, and I had to replace it with a new one, this new one was blank and I had to program it, for this I used the .bin firmware that comes by default on the official website of TP- LINK, I quickly realized that the file is only 4MB when the bios is 8MB consequently after flashing it didn't work, I was reading and searching and can't find a complete binary file, does anyone know where I can find it? or what can I do? dead boy for weeks

Depends if it is V1/2/3

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Hello, thanks for answering, as I said before, the bios file that the manufacturer gives you (tp.link) like the one from openwrt do not include the u-boot, keep in mind that I am going to program the bios chip with a flash programmer, the chip is empty,, its v1.1

Please, Do you have tplink cpe510 v3.20 bios file or dump flash bios? I need help, i am in the same situation...

I do not understand you