FTP on Local Network

Hi there, I'm new to OpenWRT, just installed it here on a LinkSys WRT1900AC and its working well, but I'm having trouble figuring out firewall settings for LAN FTP.

I use FTP to transfer files from my desktop to my modded Playstation 3, they are a both connected on lan through cables and the PS3 runs a plain FTP server over port 21. The listing of the filesystem occurs normally yet every data transfer just times out and fails. I tried other clients and some settings on firewall to no avail. It works if I connect my desktop and the PS3 through my previous router.

I tried installing the software packages recommended for FTP support: kmod-nf-nathelper-extra, kmod-ipt-conntrack, kmod-ipt-conntrack-extra.

Im open to suggestions and tips, I'm also capable of doing configurations with SSH.

In a flat network, with lan-to-lan transfers, neither of those packages are necessary (and they might actually cause problems and/or security issues). The LAN (and WLAN) ports are bridged (by default), there is no filtering going on and the router isn't involved in the whole process at all (even if the data happens to pass through the ports, the router isn't doing anything to them, what comes in, goes out, unchanged) and you don't have to configure anything (router side; well, a static DHCP lease for the playstation would be nice to have, but not required).


Welp, many thanks for the quick answer. I will remove the packaged then, also I got a static DHCP lease for the PS3. Anyway, would you have any suggestion in how to monitor/discover what is causing the issue?

If both devices are on your lan, they're talking to each other directly - in theory, the only potential issues would be the interoperability between your chosen ftp client and the ftp server running on the ps3 (we 'should' be a few decades past this actually being an issue, although, given how infrequently ftp is used these days…)), as well as the decision between active- and passive ftp, or binary- vs ascii encoding.


FTP uses port 21 only for the initial connection. Actual file transfer occurs over a higher random port (in the 1024-65536 range).

If using active FTP, these ports should be open on the client's firewall. If using passive FTP, the ports should be open on the server.


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