From snapshot to stable release workflow: what's the path?


I'm sorry if this is not the right place to ask, and feel free to move my post to wherever you want to... because this is not a, let's say, technical question. Or it is. I don't know...

My question is: what is the "workflow" that a snapshot takes in order to be promoted to a release state?

I'm asking particularly for the new devices that became supported recently.


There is no such thing.

Snapshots are just automatic daily test builds. Releases are done from special release branches, but have no relation to the master snapshots.

Usually new devices are just added to the master branch that is used for master snapshots. When a new release branch is created for the new release series like 19.07.x, the devices in master at that time get shown in that new release branch.

The new devices added later into master do usually not get backported into the old release branch. E.g. some new device created in master today would not get into 19.07 branch and would thus not be in 19.07.3 (if that gets built). The device would be in the next forthcoming 20.0x release series. (To large extent the 19.07 branch will continue to have the devices that were supported in June 2019)

Sometimes new devices are backported into the release branches by the devs, but that is not typical.



Thanks for the explanation (although I realize now that the way I wrote my question wasn't so clear).

If I understood well, this commit, for example, that adds support for the V3 version of TP-LINK Archer C60, will be in the master branch and therefore released when the 20.x version came up, right?

It is in the master branch. You linked to the commit in the main "master" branch, where the support has been added.

And yes, as it is there now, it will be in the 20.0x when that gets branched off the master.

Actually, that Archer C60 V3 is one of the exceptions that has been backported to 19.07:;a=history;f=target/linux/ath79;hb=refs/heads/openwrt-19.07;a=commit;h=e7fae8fc970bfe0c5aaa370d314ffa6713c72328

That has been before the 19.07.2, but it will be in the 19.07.3 is that gets built.

And the device firmware is already in the semi-hidden 19.07 snapshots:

(That is automatic buildbot build of the 19.07 HEAD. Something like 19.07.3 beta)


Thanks again for the detailed explanation.

I'm already using one of these snapshots, and would like to know when it would be "officially" launched.

Now it's clear.


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