From snapshot to 21.02.0 first release candidate

Do you know if it is possible to upgrade from a snapshot to 21.02.0 first release candidate (or if this would/should be possible when 21.02.0 stable is out)? Without having tried anything, my understanding is that it is probably not. This means that I will have to flash 21.02.0 as if my device had the stock firmware and reconfigure my device from scratch (or it might be possible to at least save the configuration before the flash and restore after reflashing... ? )

BTW, if it makes any difference I am using WAVLINK WL-WN531A6 (QUANTUM D6) which I understand should be supported in 21.02.0

It is usually possible. sysupgrading between a recent master snapshot and the current 21.02 builds is generally smooth. (But may depend on the specific device in some cases.)

Ps. Note that you are talking about a downgrade if you have a current master snapshot and move to 21.02.


The second release candidate rc2 was release last week, so there is no reason to go back to rc1.