From lede-17.01 to OpenWrt 18.06.x

Hello together
i have 4 ubiquiti UniFi-AC-PRO Access Points. with LEDE 17.01
on all Acces points is Wlan Romaing installed.
can I simply update to openwrt 18.06 ? or will it come to the fact that Wlan Romaing is not longer working ?

I don't know if I can do it again.

Apologizing for my poor English.

I would highly recommend you to do a fresh install and manually reconfigure afterwards, I think you'll need as custom build as 11r isn't enabled by default in 18.X if I'm not mistaken.

802.11r is available in the (full) wpad, just not in wpad-mini (which is installed by default).

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Thank you!!