From ddwrt to openwrt in a wrt160nl

hi... i got a linksys wrt160nl with ddwrt and i like the dumb ap funtion of the openwrt thats why i wan to install it..

please hope that someone who has experience of going from one firmware to another will help me or explain ...

I thought that I should reinstall the stock firmware and then install the openwrt, however I don't know please hopefully you can help me

unbricking via tftp would probably work too.

thaanks! but i already install it in my linksys router

now im trying to do a basic dumb ap that i gues its to extend my wifi over some blackspots that i got

if you have ddwrt on it, you should probably ask over att ddwrt ?

if you still have/want openwrt, use

I don't understand ... I try to follow the whole wiki and everything goes wrong ...

everything with openwrt is difficult and complicated is the only thing I don't like ... I can't put it dumb ap

I mean what I want is to do this:

my main router is and that one has internet and has the wifi network with SSID ECDQEMSD

I want this new dumb ap to be and keep the ips of the main router of by dhcp
and have the same ssdi ECDQEMSD

I don't understand and they don't say basic things either ...

the cable from the pc should go to the dumb ap through a lan port of the dumb ap? and the cable from the main router where it should be connected? to the wan or also to the lan? but if you connect to the lan port of the dumb ap you can no longer enter the lucy of the dumb ap at if not the main router ...

many questions and few video tutorials

Don't connect using WAN port, connect via LAN ports on both routers.

Disconnect the wrt160nl from the main router, log into if from what ever device you have using ssh.
then do as in the post below, but set the IP to .1.4 instead of .2.1.

Another way of solving this, is to set the wrt160nl as DHCP client on the LAN side, and on the
primary router set a fixed lease in the DHCP for the wrt160nls MAC address.