From dd-wrt to openwrt TP-Link WR841N v11

hi guys

i'm running on a WR841N v11 and dd-wrt v3.0-r44715 fw.

when I try to switch from dd-wrt to openwrt from Administration-> Firmware Upgrade, the device seems to flash, but on reboot I find the dd-wrt fw again.

the file I'm trying to flash is

and also


how can i solve?

  • return to stock fw
  • flash openwrt

hi frollic

I was not able because I was getting error:

Upgrade unsuccessfully because the version of the upgraded file was incorrect. Please check the file name.

well, since you're running ddwrt, you'd have to ask them how to get back to stock.

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the error I received it from stock to openwrt

If flashing over web UI doesn't work, use TFTP.



I flashed the webrevert to stock fw of dd-wrt (the restored origianl fw is older) and then I flashed openwrt without problems.

the problem was the stock fw 3.16.9 build 160325 Rel. 62500n which prevented the flash

the first answer is the one that matters


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