Fritzbox 7530 with openwrt VDSL possible in Belgium?


after approx 8 years I started again with OpenWrt. As I had a VDSL router and ther wasn't support for VDSL routers in OpenWrt that where approved by the Belgian internet provider, I had to use the standard firmware.
A few days ago I had some reasons to use openwrt again, and browsing the wiki I saw that openwrt supported the FritzBox 7530, hte VDSL router I use. My question is, if I install openwrt on the fritzbox and install the firmware files as described in the wiki, should it work? Or does openwrt make this router not approved? Or should I strip the firmware from my own router first?

If somebody from belgium already installed openwrt on the fritzbox 7530, can he/here inform if the VDSL works?

Technically, there is no reason for it not to work.

When it comes to ISP approval, the answer is probably 'no' - if they'd actually notice the difference is another question. That's probably something you can only test yourself.

Either way, you can go back- and forth between the OEM firmware and OpenWrt on this hardware rather easily, so unless the ISP tends to react in a draconian way against any miscreants daring not to obey their whitelist, there wouldn't be much harm done. Be aware that OpenWrt does not support any of the phone features of AVM's hardware, so neither the TAE port nor the DECT functionality would be functional.