Fritzbox 7520 - wan (dsl0.7) device is missing

Hello @janh,

following your advice unloading the dsl* modules did help bring things a step further I guess. Using firmwares

brings the DSL line to a status "Showtime with TC-Layer sync" and shows the connection mode and annex as expected for now. Still trying to check with o2 to get VDSL working.

# ubus call dsl metrics
        "api_version": "4.23.1",
        "firmware_version": "",
        "chipset": "Lantiq-VRX500",
        "driver_version": "1.11.1",
        "state": "Showtime with TC-Layer sync",
        "state_num": 7,
        "up": true,
        "uptime": 19,
        "annex": "J",
        "standard": "G.992.5",
        "mode": "G.992.5 (ADSL2+)",
        "upstream": {
                "trellis": true,
                "bitswap": false,
                "retx": false,
                "virtual_noise": false,
                "interleave_delay": 3250,
                "inp": 1.000000,
                "data_rate": 2446000,
                "latn": 6.000000,
                "satn": 5.600000,
                "snr": 6.600000,
                "actps": -40.700000,
                "actatp": 12.800000,
                "attndr": 2614000

Well, still no internet connection. But I guess the last step would be to get the issue fixed related to dc_ep_clk_on failed?
I would greatly appreciate having this fixed in upstream as I am not really familiar with building patched firmwares on my own.