Fritzbox 7362sl dsl tweaks and modem driver?

hi to all,
i installed openwrt on this fritzbox, which is now (from a few hours ago) being used as dsl bridge device.
it replaced my ISP modem, which was giving me faster speeds than fritz was able to do with original fritzOS. with openwrt and changing the tones profile, i got to the point i'm showing you in this topic.
the DL speed is roughly the same as with ISP modem, but uplink is lower (was able to get to 8mbit on old modem, mostly staying about 7.5mbit).

this is screenshot from old modem (DL would get worse after a few hours, roughly to 34-35mbit)

is there anything i can experiment with on openwrt to try to get faster rates?
there are some options , and a field to upload a dsl modem driver, someone has any experience with that?


bump? anyone care to help?

From the information you posted, I understand:

  • the DSLAM (ATU-C) is using a Broadcom Modem
  • your ISP modem is also based on a Broadcom xDSL chip
  • the Fritz!Box 7362sl has a Lantiq xDSL modem

In another forum it was suggested that the difference in line speed might be caused by better compatibility between the xDSL chips from the same vendor.

Of course, you could experiment with different xDSL firmware for the Lantiq modem in the Fritz!Box:

But if you want to maximize the line speed, I suggest to put the ISP modem back into service and set it to bridge mode if possible. Use the Fritz!Box with OpenWrt as a router/firewall and do not use its built-in modem. This way you get the benefits of OpenWrt without reducing the line speed. The disadvantage is increased power and space usage since there are now two devices running instead of one.

so it's down to kind of incompatibility , hm :confused: nothing to do here.
yes the isp modem was already in bridge and i have a tplink 1043n as a router, the same now with fritzbox (it's only a modem).
i'll probably sell it then and return to isp modem.

Did you send a step by step guide for flashing the Fritzbox 7362sl for me. I've already debranded the box.

i don't really remember exactly, normal tftp i think.

I need more details from: "Use scripts / flashing / to send initramfs-kernel.bin to the router". I'll manage the rest, thanks!

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