FritzBox 7360 V2 and FXO PORT

Hi to all, does anyone of you know how to use the fxs and fxo port in 7360 with asterisk? I see that there is support for fxs ports throung the vmmc "Voice Subsystem Low Level Driver for Danube, AR9, VR9 device families" and the module " Lantiq TAPI channel driver for Asterisk 16" for Asterisk 16, However, I installed driver and channel for fxs and I cannot let they work, I have the error:

[Oct 14 17:26:26] ERROR[2172] chan_lantiq.c: FIO_FW_DOWNLOAD ioctl failed
[Oct 14 17:26:26] ERROR[2172] chan_lantiq.c: voice firmware download failed

during the load of the chan_lantiq module in Asterisk16.

Also I cannot find anything for the use of FXO port, I mean the analougue telephone port connected to the landline.

Anyone of you have experience of working fxs/fxo with Fritzbox 7360 V2 ?
Thank you.


The FXO port is the same as DSL Port right ?
I am self searching for a working Openwrt Router with FXO ports, but no luck.

There exist only a Driver for the Lantiq SLIC 1XX Familie (Lantiq PEF 4268) The driver called drv_tapi and works together with drv_vmmc.
For using VMMC you must enable the code inside the DTS and you must disable SMP in bootarg code (equal with dts from arcardyan vgv7510kw22)
The Errorcode that you have means it was impossible to load the VMMC-Firmware to Ram because you have no RAM and extra VPE given (you have no vmmc section and the not right bootarg inside dts).

But this will all not help because the Telefon part of (all ?) Fritzboxes will be realized by Dialog SC144XX Chipsets. This code does not exist.

When i right see the most FXO on Arcardyan which uses in most cases Lantiq Slics will realysed by a DAA (Silicon somthing) and i have no idea if an extra driver is required.
But inside the chan_lantiq is no code for FXO, but i thing it is possible to add them.

Hello, thank you very much for your help. Your advice is the same described here:


Then I should perform a custom recompile of openwrt? Is it enought to do what described in that post to let fxs work or no?

Also, you are confirming that, even if fxs could work, there is no possibility to use fxo (yes, it is embedded in the same rj45 port used for dsl/fxo)??

No i fear it is generally not possible to support telephon on AVM Router because they use the Dialog SC144XX Chipset not the Lantiq 100er SLIC which is only supportet now in Openwrt.

(In the past i did not known that AVM use the Dialog Chipset, i was thinging they use Lantiq too)

Thank you very much for your info, so, at the moment no voip support for fritzboxes, no need to lose time in change bootargs and so on.