Fritzbox 7330 OpenWrt Dynamic IP Brick

I had a working setup of OpenWrt with FritzBox 7330. Unfortunately while trying to setup the ISP, I changed the IP Config of the LAN/WAN port from Static (which gave a gateway IP of to Dynamic/DHCP.

And now I cannot login to the Web UI as I dont have a Gateway IP and am getting a self assigned IP of 162.254.X.X on both the WLAN and LAN interfaces.

Basically I need to reset the IP Config of the gateway, but I dont know how I can do that. Is there a way to reset the firmware ? I don't see a reset button and don't know how I can hardware reset the OpenWrt firmware.

Any help would be much appreciated

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Thanks for the quick reply, while I do enter failsafe mode, noted by continous quick led blinks. when I type ssh 192.1681.1 on the terminal I am asked for a password. What is the default password?

Moreover I am only requested the ssh password when I setup static IPs ( for the gateway. Otherwise when I check my OS network settings, I get a self assigned IP of 169.254.X.X. Is this correct ?

Failsafe does not run a DHCP server*, you need to manually set your PC's network interface to a suitable IP, will do.

*) because a faulty DHCP server might be the reason you need to use failsafe in the first place.

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There isn't one (blank).

Many thanks for your help every1, managed to bring it back in life. I think when I have time will improve the failsafe doc so that even noobs like me can do it easily :slight_smile:


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