Fritzbox 7312 -> just boots to Bootloader

I installed
via ftp.
But after repower it is not available at Instead it is still/again in bootloader at
I am wondering whether image might be wrong? I downloaded again and checked md5 - same. What is the problem here?

As recommened I didn't clear and mtd partition, just use the put to mtd1. (MEDIA to FLASH). Can someone please help?

This image is installed in RAM, hence being deleted once you turn power off.

The instructions on are not really helpfull, but I guess you need to first install the initramfs image, and then from within the running initramfs (do not powercycle / reboot) install the sysupgrade image.

Now I completly confused.
I guess - I put it to mtd1 (overwriting the AVM firmware) but it is probably not running - so it cannot continue booting.
So but what of the 2 binaries I should load/start/flash? Didn't I try to install the initramfs image?
This is what I see:

The only other option I see is to install a snapshot (I just don't find that page). All others are "upgrades" - whatever this exactly means. Strange is, that updates are bigger than installs.

Maybe you can explain the procedure a bit more in detail?

I don't have this device, hence just collecting information and making guesses.

What I have found:;a=commit;h=02d53e6a2113f80ae429664e7990d167fbf44604


To install OpenWrt via Eva bootloader, within the first seconds after
power on a ftp connection need to be established to the FRITZ!Box at and the the following ftp commands need to be run:

  ftp> quote USER adam2
  ftp> quote PASS adam2
  ftp> binary
  ftp> debug
  ftp> passive
  ftp> quote MEDIA FLSH
  ftp> put /path/to/openwrt-lantiq-xway-avm_fritz7312-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin mtd1
  ftp> quote REBOOT

Please mind that this instruction requests the sysupgrade image to be flashed to mtd1, not the initramfs image (like you did)!

One more option: fritzflash ->

from the linked page :

Selecting the right Image

Gluon builds by default factory and sysupgrade images. AVM devices don’t need special factory-images, so most of them are flashed via the sysupgrade images.

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Thanks, that was reason. It drived me nuts ...

You're welcome! :slight_smile:

I have now updated the devicepage with installation instructions, and I have removed the initramfs link from the dataentry.


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