FritzBox 7262SL almost there but then reboots into original OS

I have the named router, the procedure works fine but then after following it upon reboot it goes back into the original firmware.
The procedure is here:

I can get it all the way to logging in via the and seeing OpenWRT in the browser, and then SSH into the router and running sysupgrade.
It mentions about not being able to verify the image and possibly using -F on sysupgrade but dont think this is the blocker. It doesnt say it didn't use it.
Anyway it goes back around and around.
Any ideas?
Thanks for your help!

Did you use the same version of OpenWrt for initramfs and for sysupgrade? If they do not match, then you receive this verification error message. Does the router reboot itself after running sysupgrade?

Please post the complete error message.

To make things clear: The first stage only loads OpenWrt to RAM. Upon reboot, OpenWrt is lost. The second stage (sysupgrade) really flashes OpenWrt to the device. If that does not work, then you are back to stock.

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Hi AndyBoeh,
Thank you for coming back to me. I managed to do it, what happened was I used the ramdisk image not the upgrade image with sysupgrade and so it wasn't the right file. Downloaded it and it worked.
Best wishes!

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