Fritzbox 4040 flash: FTP connection refused

I am trying to flash a Fritzbox 4040, but after I establish the FTP connection and enter the user name and password "adam2", I get the following error and cannot continue with the flashing.

530 Login incorrect.

Any ideas?

I reset the factory settings of the router and now cannot connect to the FTP, getting the error "connection refused".

Enter the ADAM2 bootloader, then the FTP prompt will be:

220 ADAM2 FTP Server ready

FritzOS in normal operation also has an FTP server, but it cannot be used to install a firmware image:

220 FRITZ!Box4040 FTP server ready.
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I had the same issue after using the AVM rescue utility. There is a variable in the bootloader which specifies which ip address the EVA bootloader should listen on. After EVA it will run the regular firmware and listen at while refusing any connection on the ftp port.

The key to this is a magic UDP packet sent by your PC which also the AVM rescue utility uses to modify this variable containing the address EVA should listen on.

This can be done using a script which is available as

Windows Powershell ( , be sure to use "set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted" or Windows will complain)

Linux Shell ( )

The "TO" ip address you should pass to the script will be the one EVA listens on.


I've seen the exact same issue on a Fritz!Box 7530 when trying to revert to the original firmware. It was running Fritz!OS 07.20 before I put Openwrt 19.07 on it. I had to send the magic UDP packet before I could ftp in and unbrand it ready for the AVM utility. I'm no expert on this stuff, but I'm wondering if they've updated the bootloader so that this will always be required? If so, we can probably expect that we'll need to do the same to flash Openwrt on these from now on?

Would be keen to know if others are seeing this? If so, we could update the documentation here: