Fritzbox 4020 with OpenWrt 22.03: switch menu?

Hello! I have a Fritzbox4020 with OpenWRT 21.03.

I just learned that it's not 100% DSA. It still has "switch" menu on it. Now, I would like to update it to 22.03, but I am afraid that the "switch" menu might not be there anymore, thus unable to use the same config file. (i.e. updating can't be so quick)

Does anyone know if 22.03 for Fritzbox4020 still has switch-menu ? Can I just keep config files and update it to 22.03, and is going to work, or should I set it up from scratch?

I would appreciate your info!

Afaict, this is not a dsa device under 21.02 or 22.03. This is an ath79 based router, and ath79 has not yet been moved to dsa except for one device (TP-Link TL-WR941ND).

And unless I a mistaken, this is a binary thing. It is either swconfig or dsa. No such thing as “not 100%” in this case.

Where did you see/learn that information?

As I upgraded FB4020 from 19.xx to 21.02 in April, I couldn't configure as I did for 19.xx (vlans and wifi with ssid's). I followed this forum posting
Use SSID in specific VLAN - Wifi connection can not be established - #15 by VLANMaster?
and it worked. I had understood that this instruction was for DSA, and I couldn't do it on my own because 19.xx wasn't DSA. (may be I just didn't remember how I configured 19.xx)

My friend said it's DSA for software switch and "switch" for hardware switch. I expressed it as "not 100% DSA".

So if it's actually not a DSA device at all, this would mean that the updating would be quite easy? The config would be kept, I will just have to install packages again?

The solutions in that thread are all swconfig (there are posts with errors they contain dsa config syntax, but dsa is the error in those posts).

I don’t know why you had issues after upgrading previously, but nothing about VLAN configuration changed for ath79 targets across these versions.

This is an incorrect statement. Both dsa and swconfig are for hardware switches. Under the hood there are major changes to how the os interacts with the hardware. The difference on the user facing side is the syntax (and the lack of a switch page), and the ports now are addressed by the name as printed on the case of most devices (such as lan1, wan, etc).

A bridge is a software switch. Dsa and swconfig are both for hardware switches.

Thanks a lot for your clarification. I'm not going to worry about upgrading FB4020 then.

About upgrading from v19 to v21, I think it was so: with v21, there is a tab "Devices". It wasn't there with v19. And I think I could just create vlan-xx on switch-page, and I could then include it in br-xx, and together with wlan, it worked. I more or less copied what's on the default br-lan to the new interface, and it worked! But with v21, I did the same thing, it didn't work. eth0.xx had to be created like in that posting I cited: create eth0.xx upon creation of an interface, then go to device tab, create br-xx, then go back to the interface and change it to br-xx. Only after that, one should go to the switch page and create vlans there. I found it very different.....

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