Fritz!Box 7520, latest snapshot, LuCI Port Status

with one of the latest snapshots there was the introduction of the Port Status view in LuCI.
On my FB7520 using the dsl port i'll get this funny thing
(dsl has traffic but states 'no link'):

It's just a cosmetical issue, but maybe in the future someone might remove the link status for DSL or finds a way to let it show the real status.

I also have this after changing dsl0 to dsl0.7..

The Port status probably show the status for dsl0 and doesnt see i'm using dsl0.7 ?

Just change it back. The label is just a label, nothing more.
I don't care if it says dsl0, dsl0.7 or WAN: As long as i can see if DSL is (still) connected, that's good enough for me.

Oh actually it works now..

Also i cant just "change it back" i need to change dsl0 -> dsl0.7 (to set the correct ID or something) so i can connect to my provider (my german provider only accepts connection coming from port (or VLAN?) ID 7

Yes, the .7 is the VLAN ID. It's mandatory for at least DTAG and Vodafone VDSL. Without it you won't get a connection.

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