Fritz Box 7412 - ISP o2 (Germany) - Fallback-Profile with VDSL 100/15

Hello Community.

I sucessfully flashed my AVM Fritzbox 7412 with OpenWrt a bit time ago.

But I have the problem, that the autoconfiguration from the ISP always give me the Fallback-Profile with only 20MBit/s DS and 1,5Mbit/s US.

This is for me definitive not enough. I found out, that it happend, if the router not support Vectoring (but the 7412 does) or with wrong config settings.. I think, thats a configuration problem. I tried out different setting from[]=internet&s[]=settings and read a lot in the internet, especially from the Deutsche Telekom forum, but could not found a solution.

The Provider dont give me serious help and say only "Buy a new router" and don't give me nesessary information above the connection.

Please, can you help me?

My Provider is o2 with a Home-DSL 100/40 contract.
The connection use VLAN 7 over the Deutsche Telekom Net.

Have a great chrismas.

P.S: If u need more infos, ask me. I dont know exact, what is relevant


**Line State:**Showtime with TC-Layer sync
**Line Mode:**G.993.2 (VDSL2, Profile 17a)
**Line Uptime:**0h 26m 4s
**Data Rate:**19.384 Mb/s / 1.515 Mb/s
**Max. Attainable Data Rate (ATTNDR):**19.357 Mb/s / 1.607 Mb/s
**Latency:**0.72 ms / 12.00 ms
**Line Attenuation (LATN):**6.1 dB / 1.8 dB
**Signal Attenuation (SATN):**6.1 dB / 1.8 dB
**Noise Margin (SNR):**5.9 dB / 10.1 dB
**Aggregate Transmit Power (ACTATP):**13.6 dB / 5.5 dB
**Forward Error Correction Seconds (FECS):**0 / 13737
**Errored seconds (ES):**0 / 2
**Severely Errored Seconds (SES):**0 / 0
**Loss of Signal Seconds (LOSS):**0 / 0
**Unavailable Seconds (UAS):**196 / 196
**Header Error Code Errors (HEC):**0 / 0
**Non Pre-emptive CRC errors (CRC_P):**0 / 0
**Pre-emptive CRC errors (CRCP_P):**0 / 0
**ATU-C System Vendor ID:**Broadcom 194.25
**Power Management Mode:**L0 - Synchronized

You need a firmware blob for the modem, that also supports vectoring... OpenWrt's default blob is not vectoring capable, but have a look here to find instructions how to get your hands on vectoring capable firmwares...

That sounds quite odd, as far as I can tell they offer 100/40 for VDSL2-links, and the 100/15 is restricted to their offering over DOCSIS cable...


Ahh, i looked up in the contract. It is 100/40. I check out your link and will reply you. Thanks for your fast help.

Hmmm, I am not sure, which instruction to pick. I have Annex B and need vectoring. But there are different firmware-versions. On what relate this version numbers?

At the end of the day, you need to test- and check for yourself which of the various firmware blobs (marked as vectoring capable) work best, both on your hardware and in combination the your ISP's hardware (DSLAM) in the street.

However, the 7412 is known to be 'problematic' in terms of its modem hardware (especially with vectoring!), so replacing the hardware should be part of your considerations.

Since your DSLAM is Broadcom (ATU-C System Vendor ID) I would recommend a draytek vigor 130 and would put this into bridge mode and then use the flashed fritzbox as a PPPoE so your not double NATed.

When i put a BT Homehub 5 on my parents line (same DSL chipset as FritzBox 7412) I lost about 7Mbps in downstream but only about 4Mbos via upstream but the daytek synced it back up to the normal speeds within a few days, however if this don't bother you then it might be a good idea to look at the Lantiq vrx200 xDSL firmware recommendation thread as there mentions of people using them on various German VDSL2 ISPs.

The Draytek vigor (modem-) range is a good option, but if you're buying new, prefer the more modern variants with super-vectoring support (the monetary markup is comparably small; on the used markets the vigor 130 might still be a reasonable option).

The 7412 modem is known-quirky (presumably the analogue side of this device isn't quite on par for the vectoring requirements), in comparison the bthub5 is a lot less problem prone than the 7412 (despite using the same chipset on paper); the 7412 just is extra special.

Disclaimer: I've used a vigor 130 from early 2017 to mid 2021 on a DTAG line and have always been very happy with it; now I'm no longer on xDSL at all.


well for me broadcom VDSL 2 modems seem to perform better than Latiq for my broadcom DSLAM however latiq seems better with infineon DSLAMs what are ECI cabinet on UK, No idea in Germany.

If someone is willing to ship you a bt openreach hg612 3b or just a hg612 this is another great broadcom chipset that might be cheaper then a draytek

List of xDSL chipset

might be a cheap alternative in .de.

But, well, the Draytek vigor 130 always worked well for me.